2013.11 Started providing contents of the US elementary school textbooks
2013.10 Opened up Suksuk Picturebook Class for PC web & mobile app
2013.08 Established Suksuk Electronic Library specialized in English children¡¯s books
2012.09 Started Suksuk Telecommunication Class of English
2012.08 Published Basic Topics of Science series
2012.02 Opened the service of on-line Suksuk English Preschool II: Phonics Class
2012.01 Offered the online study hall for Suksuk Homeschool
2011.04 Offered the mobile app service of Suksuk English Preschool
2010.12 Launched On-line Suksuk English Preschool I: Storybooks Class
2010.11 Received Excellence Award for mobile web service in the education by Web Award Korea
2010.07 Opened up mobile web service (
2009.12 Awarded the Grand Prize at 2009 Korea Communication Contest
2009.11 Collaborated with EBS in 2010 After-school Program Contents Expo
2009.09 Opened up SukSuk English Libary's site
2009.02 Hosted <2009 Cyber English Education Fair>(
2009.02 Acquired certificate from JungBu District Office of Education for "Continuing Study Center"
2008.12 Awarded the Grand Prize at the Communication Contest for Companies across

Korea in the field of web-magazine

2008.06 Acquired INNOBIZ Certificate(#8012-1870)
2008.06 Acquired Venture Certificate(# 2008104774), ISO Certificate(Q18098/08)
2008.01 Held the Winter Camp for upcoming junior high school students
2007.12 Hosted 2007 English Education Expo & Conferece (Dec, 6, at Coex)
2006.08 Opened up SukSuk.Com¡¯s ¡°Kid¡¯s Land¡± (
2005.01 Hosted the 3rd <Cyber Expo of Child Health & Care>
2005.01 Co-hosted the 4th with Joongang Daily News
2004.02 Awarded with the excellence in marketing the English Education
2003.04 Co-hosted the conference on "Suggesting the Right Direction of Early English Education"

with Joonang Daily News

2003.01 Co-hosted the 2nd with Joongang Daily News
2002.07 Co-hosted the 1st with Joongang Daily News
2001.03 Awarded the Grand Prize at the 2nd SOHO-Internet Business Contest supervised/run by

the Small and Medium Business Administration

2001.01 SukSuk.Com restructured as professional English education site
2000.09 Opened up SukSuk Mall
2000.06 Opened up SukSuk.Com
2000.02 Established Dreammiz Corporation